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Chain link provides a safe, secure perimeter around buildings, yards, pools and fields, without diluting nature’s beauty. Our supplier is one of the leading names in chain link wire in Canada and is local to Southern Ontario.


A perfect compliment to any home, a complete chain link systems blend naturally with the surrounding landscape. We combine a color matched vinyl coated wire mesh with matching polyester coated framework, fittings and gates. A polyester powder is electrostatically applied (which ensures uniform coverage) and finally cured at a high temperature. The end result is a premium product which provides:

• A tough, durable, long-lasting finish

• Excellent colour retention

• Superior abrasion, chemical and corrosion resistance


Strength, corrosion-resistance, long-life....that is what customers want in a chain link fence. That is what Link Fencing delivers. All of the chain link wire mesh has a manufacture warranty not to corrode or rust for a period of 10 years. Chain link systems offer the most economical solution for maintenance free security.

Premium Quality


The wire we use is a vinyl-coated galvanized wire that has been run through an extruder to apply a thick coating of heavy mill PVC (vinyl) for the ultimate in strength and corrosion resistance. Maintenance free and long service life is of utmost importance to our costumers and we ensure the products we use will provide that. The vinyl-coated wire is UV stabilized so the colour stays true for the life of the fence and is guaranteed not to crack, split, or decay and has a smooth finish that is unaffected by moisture and corrosive elements.

• We use a superior 9 gauge product that is significantly stronger than most hardware store purchased products.

• Standard mesh diamond size is 2″, but we also use 1 ½” for pool enclosures or for added safety for children as it is more difficult to climb.

• Standard heights are 4’ or 5’ but we can quote custom heights on request.

• Our gates can come in standard single or double wide or can be costume built to most sizes.

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